Thursday, March 3, 2011

That bridge fell down... (By Whitney)

Remember the bridge that June and I were going to tip toe over? The one to Mother's Morning Out? Well, it collapsed.

On Monday, I went to meet with the director of the program and one of the teachers to go over specifics of adrenal insufficiency such as what to look for, and how and when to give an injection. There were about 10 other children there that day, and they were just sitting down to lunch when June and I showed up. I brought a snack for June and sat her down at the table with the kids. As I made my way out of the room, she got up from the table to follow me and then a teacher led her back to the table. No whining, no tears (from either of us)-phew! After my meeting, I poked my head into the classroom to see how June was doing. She was fine, and I asked if I could sit in the back and watch her play for a little. It took about 5 minutes for June to even notice I was there! And that felt great! When she did see me, she ran over to me, smiled, and ran back to where the kids were playing. Then she started to laugh and spin in the middle of the carpet! I was soooo happy!!! June was so happy and just doing her thing. Big sigh...we were ready! I signed June up for Friday and the following Monday-just for a couple of hours.

Tuesday morning, June woke up with a low grade fever. It slowly crept up to the flashing 101 mark; she was weepy, weak, and just not herself. We TD that night and gave her tylenol, then checked her throughout the night. On Wednesday, we visited the pediatrician and he diagnosed her with an ear infection.

That wasn't what I was upset about. No Mother's Morning Out, he said.

It took me nearly two months to make the decision to start MMO and I was FINALLY happy with the decision to start June this month.

You know, here is the endo subtly telling me to toughen up and treat her like any other child (with extra precaution of course), and then when I try...the pediatrician is saying that she is not ready for that kind of germ/virus exposure. So then WHAT exactly?!?

(Virtual scream)

Here is my problem-both doctors are right, and then my own opinions are in the mix somewhere, too. How do I keep everything straightened out!? And here is another problem-there is no right answer...and I like answers!

So long for now Mr. Bridge. As we got closer to you, you were looking pretty good. We're going to walk away now, but we will revisit in a few months. Hang tight!

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