Care and Keeping of AI

Once a child is diagnosed with AI, and no I don't mean artificial intelligence- you will become well acquainted with a physician that is specialized in endocrinology. This will probably not be your regular pediatrician . Most likely, on a pretty regular basis, the kiddo will have to do blood and/or urine tests to monitor hormone, sugar, and other important levels.

The endocrinologist will not have all the answers, BUT they are one of the most important team members in this journey. They have the knowledge base, experience, and training to help navigate some of the roadblocks adrenal insufficiency presents. They can help explain the myriad of tests they order to guess how much or little your child's adrenal glands are producing. They will educate you on what signs to look for and how to handle an adrenal crisis. They will prescribe medications, depending on the child's unique needs that will help manage the insufficiency.